Terms and Conditions

The Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) has been running the bespoke 111 phone line to attend to members of the public in the response to combat the current COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the high influx of calls received the GHA is issuing this alternative optional symptom checker app.

If you choose to use this COVID-19 symptom checker app you will be providing the GHA with basic information about yourself (such as; your name and contact details). You will also be providing information about your health and symptoms, which will be used to provide you with appropriate advice.

We might use the symptom checker results to show you care options, symptom tracking or to issue follow-up notifications, including contacting you should we have concerns relating to COVID-19 or immediate health risks. 

The GHA understands the importance of your privacy of personal information and would like to reassure you that your personal information will be kept safe and secure on HM Government of Gibraltar servers. Only medical practitioners and the dedicated team working on the 111 landline will be able to view this information. 

When you voluntarily submit data on this app you are consenting to the GHA using the information for the purposes indicated above. This information is used to evaluate and improve Gibraltar's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is important that you also note the following:

  1. providing inaccurate information will affect your experience when using this app;
  2. the symptom checker is not a diagnosis, it is for informational purposes and does not qualify as a medical opinion;
  3. in emergency cases do not use the app, please contact 190.